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Skipper Lee Frazier 
Since 1954, Skipper Lee has been involved with radio in Houston, Texas. From Disc Jockey to Ownership and now back to Disc Jockey.

Skipper Lee's voice and his "Mountain of Soul" signature has graced the airway and the area for many years. He can be heard now each day at 2 p.m. on KWWJ Gospel 1360, as he broadcasts from his 2nd floor office of Eternal Rest Funeral Home. Playing and shouting in the music of gospel vocalist. Praise the Lord.

If you had been involved in anyway with the euphoria that came over this city with the Houston Rockets winning the NBA Championship, you might have seen the associated press photograph of Frazier laying the Knicks to rest, through mock services during one of the largest rallies held on their behalf. His latest venture, The Eternal Rest Funeral Home, appropriately provided all that was necessary to really "do it up right."

Frazier's latest enterprise is just another addition to his list of successful business endeavors and to the career of a man who has been working very hard and who has been determined to make something of his life. Since his days of delivering furniture for the Finger Furniture Co. and when he used to work at the Post Office, he has always made the most of his time.

He would sometimes work two and three jobs in his determination to succeed. It was during those earlier years when he decided to go to a disc jockey school and got a part-time job at radio station KYOK. He took "Hip Skipper's" place and worked part-time playing gospel music on Sunday mornings. During the times that past during those years, Frazier did record hops, which were very popular during those days, and talent shows, through which he would discover and manage the careers of many of Houston's budding talents.

By the time that there was an opening at another radio station, KCOH, the time had come for the area to receive the "Mountain of Soul" which would become the trademark of a personality that would have an affect on the lives of millions. As he began to promote shows that would propel him into the recording business in a big way.

He promoted and managed the careers of such artists and talents as: The Masters of Soul, Mark Putney, Conrad Johnson, Beau Williams (who was known then as Bobo Mr. Soul) and Sugar Bear. During that time, he managed two more groups that brought him and the city, worldwide acclaim. They were, Archie Bell and the Drells and the TSU Tornadoes. Their big hit was a very popular dance tune named "Tighten Up," of which Frazier wrote the lyrics and the Tornadoes did the music.

During this tenure at KCOH, which covered more than 22 years, he either MC'd or promoted shows for James Brown, B.B. King, Wes Montgomery, the O'Jays and the Kool Jazz Festival which was presented in cities all over the country. Success in those and other venues enabled him to open up and operate the Venus Motel, another venture that was really successful, and which he stuck with until the time came for him to do something else.

So, from the time he was born on July 31 in Magnolia Springs, Texas, Skipper Lee Frazier has been a busy man. While all of these things were going on he had a family, a son, who went to Commonwealth Mortuary School and who studied for Funeral Director and on the business of being a mortician.

After selling the motel, which he had done a few years ago, he began to think about wanting to leave something for his son. At this point, those at the James Stripling Funeral Home and at Jimmie Pruitt enabled him to get his foot in the door of the business. He purchased the Funeral Home, which is his Eternal Rest Funeral Home business.

His son and other technicians do the preparation of the body and he sells preneed burial insurance and does the publicity work that needs to be done that will enhance their opportunity for success. Their funeral home, without a doubt, is one of the best in the area.

Though the funeral business is said to be a tough business, they have served many families that have been completely satisfied and they have returned when the need arose, a testimony given by Frazier himself.

Skipper Lee is a member of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Pastor.

Skipper Lee Frazier has never been one to allow the grass to grow under his feet, as they say, and he is always looking for a challenge.

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